Samsung’s heat pump line is called EHS (Ecological and Economical Heating System) and it includes three models: EHS Mono, EHS Split, and EHS TDM. This product line has been designed to respond to the ever-growing problem of CO2 emissions and oil shortage. Samsung's efforts towards fewer emissions have been rewarded with a plethora of eco-label certifications.

The Samsung EHS Monobloc Air Source Heat Pump is the culmination of years of research into what a heat pump should be. Simple to install, configure and use, the EHS Monobloc is the most cost effective solution to the majority of domestic heating needs. It is a compact outdoor unit that includes hydronic parts, therefore saving the time, space and expense of installing refrigerant pipes.

Key benefits:
• Efficient heating up to 4 times better than gas boilers
• Highest energy efficiency class A+++
• MCS approved and approved for Boiler Upgrade Scheme [BUS]
• Perfect and accurate power adjustment at all seasons in the year
• Lowest running cost for a heating solution capable of 65°C
• One of the best noise reduction in comparison to any other ASHP, only 48dBA

The Samsung range has one of the highest seasonal co-efficiency of performance (SCOP) of 4.46 at 35°C, in comparison to the MCS requirement for an ASHP to be compliant for the BUS grant is only 2.8. With a more compact size and design of 25% smaller than most other manufacturers, there is a size to fit all properties from terraced to large detached properties.