Hitachi is a name synonymous with cutting edge, premium equipment which offers incredible value. Their European factory produces the entire Yutaki ASHP range, designing it to meet the needs of the local market. With a nearby location to the UK ensures a quality assurance to the whole design and manufacture process, thus guaranteeing the highest levels of quality, reliability and durability.

Boasting up to an industry leading 452% efficiency the Yutaki range is among the most efficient heat pumps available within the UK market. And with water temperatures up to 80°C, the Yutaki S80 is in a class of its own as a true boiler replacement technology.

Forget complicated control panels, with a green means GO, red means STOP the latest design of heat pump controller lets you know instantly if there is a problem with your system.

Key benefits:
• High CoP
• High energy efficiency class A+++
• MCS approved and eligible for BUS grant
• Heating solution capable of 80°C